Heath Diesel 6.5L PMD Isolator System - 2WD

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Heath's 5 Year Warranty PMD Isolator System
The Original, and still The Best PMD Relocation Kit

Heath's PMD Isolator System is 100% Manufactured in the USA 

Heath's PMD Isolator System is a complete relocation kit that includes everything you need for the installation, including a new module. The PMD Isolator System comes ready to bolt on, has a resistor pre-installed and an extension harness to relocate it to the front skid plate. The PMD Module Is pre-mounted to the heat sink plate with Heath's special mounting process, and the extension harness is already plugged in with dielectric grease and ready to go. The PMD Isolator System is the original PMD Isolator, and has been providing great reliability since 1994.

This kit is supplied with a 5 year, unlimited mileage warranty

You will bolt it on once, and will be worry free for many years down the road.

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