About Us

At Heath Diesel our goal is to provide you with efficient towing performance gains, without sacrificing longevity. All of our products are designed for simple – in your driveway installations so you can do it yourself. We go the distance to make sure all of the products that we offer are high quality, and made in the states.

   We started as drag racers and at the local drag strip, and have always been car nuts. When the 6.2L diesel came out in the early 80’s we grew fond of them as tow vehicles, even with the lack of power from the factory. We immediately set out to improve the towing performance, and fuel mileage at the same time. First we started with improved exhaust as well as our NA-660 Performance Camshaft.

 In the early 90’s when the 6.5L Turbo Diesel was released we designed out Turbo-Master to improve the turbo function, and followed with the new HT4 Performance Camshaft. We redesigned the 4” exhaust for the 6.5 turbo diesel for each different model so they fit like a glove and have easy installation. Over the years there have been many different products to follow, such as the Max E Tork Programming and the PMD Isolator Systems and even the Hurricane 7 Performance Turbo.

We have always been fond of our Chevy 6.5L Engines, but we do have a number of secret recipes for the Dodge trucks to make good power. Over the years we've designed Turbo-Masters, Hurricane Performance Turbos, and a few other upgrades that work wonders on the older dodge engines.

   We all take pride in the work that we do and the products that we supply, and everyone here loves to work with our customers. Starting back in the 80’s we have always been very big on excellent customer service. We go the extra mile to take care of our customers, and we always will. On a daily basis we are on the phone providing tech services to help customers diagnose their vehicles, and we all enjoy doing so.  

Bill making a pass at the Bonneville Salt Flats in the 6.5L Chevy Land Speed Race Truck.
Bill's 1976 Step Side Chevy. 454 - 2 barrel running 113MPH

Joe's 1968 Dodge Dart. 273 running 99.9 through the mufflers

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