6.5L Bellowed Stainless Crossover Pipe

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NEW!! DIESELSITE 409 STAINLESS STEEL 2.5" BELLOWED CROSSOVER PIPE 1993-2000 GM 6.5L 3 options to choose from: 4x4- Modified OE design with bellows to prevent broken bolts and premature donut gasket failure. 2WD-This version has been shortened over OE set up to reduce charge time and spool 4x4 lifted- If you are 4x4 and have tried to lift your truck or Suburban, the front drive axle hits the cross over pipe, forcing a trip to the local muffler shop to fab a custom crossover pipe. If you already have a lifted truck and need to replace your crossover, this is the kit for you. If you decide to lift at a later date, and you have our 4x4 kit, you can purchase just one side to fit the lift. Two Major New Features: 1. Bellows- Allows natural expansion and contraction of pipes from thermal expansion. Stock crossover pipes have no ability to flex, so the donut gaskets and mounting bolts take all the force resulting in either loose bolts, broken bolts or leaky damaged gaskets. 2. V-Band Flanges for connection- Allows for easy installation and better sealing of pipe. Additional Features: 1. EGT Probe Weld Bung 2. Stainless Steel flanges 3. New Hardware and Donut Gaskets come with this kit.
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