6.6 Turbo-Master LB7

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Turbo-Master LB7

Heath's Turbo-Master LB7 Fitst the 2001-2004 Chevy 6.6L Duramax.

Heath Turbo-Master's are all 100% Made In The USA

The Turbo-Master is a fully independent, spring actuated waste gate boost controller. It bypasses the factory compensating canister to provide a much better and controllable boost curve. The factory compensating canister starts to leak boost pressure around 40% of the peak boost pressure to control the boost curve - which hurts performance. The Turbo-Master does not bleed off boost pressure under the set max, which provides a quicker spool time, more turbo efficiency and more boost - which translates to power.

The Turbo-Master is a simple, bolt on upgrade you can install in your driveway in 20-30 minutes.

The Turbo-Master does require a program, as the factory tune will typically throw over-boost codes at a low boost pressure.

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