Max E Tork EFI Live Duramax

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Max E Tork EFI Live Duramax

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Heath's Max E Tork EFI Live Autocal for the 01-Current Chevy 6.6L Duramax Trucks

Quality custom tunes, Diagnostics and Scan Tool all in one.

Heath's Max E Tork Duramax tunes will be done via EFI Live Autocal, and will come with 3 tunes, custom tailored per order. Economy, Towing, and Performance. With over 20 years of tuning experience, Heath's Max E Tork Tuning is done 100% in house, and is much more than a bumped fuel curve.

The Economy Tune will be a mild 20 HP tune that will show the best gains in fuel mileage. This tune will be a very effiecient tune, and will have absolutly no smoke.

The Towing Tune will be 50-60 HP and 100 FP depending on the vehicle configuration, and will be designed for a work truck. You see gains in power, while also seeing much lower exhaust temperature and improved fuel mileage. You wil have the power to pull your trailor, without having to worry about exhaust temperatures causing engine damage. You will see very little smoke with this tune, as it is very effecient.

The Performance Tune will show 100+ HP gains depending on vehicle configuration. The Performance tune will be custom tailored depending on what other upgrades have been done - so you don't have to worry about it being too aggressive for your current configuration. This tune will be aggressive without having to sacrafice engine longevity - as it's much more than just a bumped up fuel curve. Even our performance tune will be highly effecient to make the most power without wasting fuel. 

The Autocal is easily updatable, so your tunes can grow with your truck when you do further upgrades down the road.

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