6.5L Main Stud Kit

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Heath's Heavy Duty Main Stud kit for 6.2 and 6.5 Chevy Diesel Engines.
The Heath Heavy Duty Main Stud Kit replaces all 20 main bearing cap bolts with studs. The Heath Main Stud Kit fits 97 and earlier 6.5L turbo engines, and 6.2L engines. For 97.5 and later vehicles you will want to double check your block casting number to see if its still a 506 block, if it's a 506 block you need our 506 specific main stud kit. This main stud kit greatly reduces the chances of cracking in the main webbing due to stress risers caused by the bolts, these studs are a must for anyone wanting to make big horsepower numbers. We strongly recommend if you are rebuilding an engine to install these studs in the process.
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